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Fanying Jen's Projects
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  • Computer History

    This is the story of my experiences from the time I first saw a computer to my current career as an information technology professional. The story describes my progression with hardware, software, operating systems, and networking. It also describes my difficulty in overcoming obstacles and failures including destroying hardware and data, and struggling with Linux and programming for many years.

    Computer History
    Part I. The Early Years < 1992
    First experiences with the computer

    Part II. Hardware / Software 1992 - 1995
    The 486 Computer
    Using the Computer
    Tinkering and Programming the Computer
    Wrecking My Computer

    Part III. Network / Internet / Linux 1995 - 2000
    Networking and Windows 3.11
    Modem and The BBS
    Two Events, The Web and Linux
    The Internet and Internet Access
    The Linux Encounter
    First Linux Experience
    Rex Ballard and The Linux Server
    Windows 95
    Windows NT 4.0
    Hacked! Computer Security
    Information System Design

    Part IV. IT Professional 2000 - Today
    Information Technology
    High Availability Clustering
    LDAP Directories
    DigiTrade Inc., ILX Systems
    September11, 2001
    Open Source Advocate

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